terça-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2010

Sociolinguistics of Writing

'For a long time, writing was a secret tool. The possession of writing meant distinction, domination, and controlled communication, in short, the means of an initiation. Historically writting was linked with the division of social classes and their struggles, and (in out country) with the attainment of democracy.' (Roland Barthes)

'Literate societies are characterized by a literate environment which promotes extensive and regular use of literacy in all communicative domains. In such societies, illiteracy is considered to be a stigma by both the literate and the nonliterate sections of the society.' (Chander Daswani)

Language is a social fact, which implies that it is a mental phenomenon. Its written form speaks to me the mind in its own way, shaping the language users' awareness of their language and hence its identity.

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